Baby Talk | First Trimester FAQs

Now that the holidays are over and I am finished wrapping up a busy year in business, we can finally announce our news on the blog. From the picture above I am sure you can guess - we are having a baby!

It was a whirlwind first trimester, mostly because it was the holidays and we were busy. I didn't even know I was pregnant for most of my first trimester. By the time we realized something was going on and had our first appointment, it was 3 days before Christmas! Our appointment felt like a dream, "Congratulations!" was all the doctor said at first. I was still in shock. We were going to be parents! 

After getting confirmation from the doctor, we decided to tell just our parents on Christmas Day. We got the grandmas-to-be a onesie that said "Hello Grandma" on the front. It was the last gift they opened from us and it caused a lot of shock, tears and of course, happy cheers! It was so fun to surprise them - I mean they were waiting 6 years for this! After telling our parents, we asked that they keep the secret just a little bit longer since we were scheduled for an early ultrasound to confirm our due date. 

At our ultrasound appointment, I wasn't sure what to expect. We only had a rough idea of how far along we were. So when the tech put the picture of the baby on the screen, I was blown away. It was a baby! You could see the head, arms and legs. We heard our little peanuts heartbeat and saw it the heart moving inside him or her. Moments into the ultrasound, the baby jumped! Like a little bean inside my stomach. Still so active, yet I didn't feel a thing! What a surreal feeling. She confirmed we were 11 weeks along and due in July.

Needless to say, we are excited! Our summer will be much different that in the past. A lot more diapers, coffee, and sleepless nights. But we couldn't be more excited to meet our baby in July. Enjoy a few of our first trimester FAQs...

How far along am I? Currently 13 weeks, 3 days!

What is your due date? July 24th

How have you been feeling? Thankfully, no morning sickness and most days feel really good. I've had some food aversions and occasional nausea if I don't eat, or more like, don't know what to eat!

What are you craving? Fruit! I have been loving strawberries, apples, grapes and fruit juices. And carbs but I always liked carbs lol. I literally cried one night while eating a piece of buttered bread because it tasted so good in that moment. 

Are you showing yet? Yes, I think so at least, but only if I am wearing something tighter. I mostly feel like I puff ball who ate too much pasta. I can't wait until it's a big ol bump though! And trust me it will be big. I was starting out with a bump even before being pregnant (I told you -I like carbs!).

Do we think it's a boy or girl? My thought is girl but I go back and forth. The heart rate was 161. We just want a healthy baby.

Will you find out the gender? Yes, we can't wait! Our doctor mentioned as early as 16 weeks but typically it's at 20. So we have a little while to wait. I need to plan and shop so I would rather know and think of names.

Are you still photographing weddings and families? Yes! Absolutely! I will most likely be taking it easy in June/July to prepare for the baby and finish any work I have. I also plan to be on maternity leave after the baby arrives. But I have an awesome season of weddings ahead and still booking for the fall 2017. Just contact me early for sessions!

Bo will be a great big brother. He was just as shocked as we were.

Bo will be a great big brother. He was just as shocked as we were.

Jeannine Bonadio