More Than You'll Ever Want to Know

Trying to write a page about yourself is one of the hardest things you can do. I rewrote that section of my website more than any other. Then I decided rather than try to write thoughtful paragraphs about myself, because lets face it, I am a lot of things but a writer is not one of them. I felt it was best to stick to what I know and create a list. I put it here so I don't bore you to death in the 'About Me' section. Think of it as a 'my favorite things list' but with a little extra whip.

  1. I love shoes. All kinds, colors, stilettos, flats. Someday (fingers crossed) I will have the pleasure of wearing a pair of Manolo’s. Can you guess my favorite show?
  2. In 2010, I married my high-school sweetheart. We had English class together during junior year. I had just cut my hair into the style we commonly refer to as the 'flip'. Apparently he was into it.
  3. I have a golden retriever named Bo. He is my fur child.
  4. I have never been further west than Kansas. When I do get to travel around the U.S., I plan to eat my way around the states. Lobster Fest in Maine, BBQ in Memphis, sushi and taco stands in Cali. I have already crossed off deep dish pizza, Philly cheese-steak, and Primanti’s samich.
  5. I like lists. I make lists of my lists. Friends have mentioned I should be a wedding planner because I am organized and love weddings so much. I'm no David Tutera but I will keep pinning wedding things until I get carpal tunnel.
  6. I own two Kitchen Aid mixers. And I don’t hate it. My family is a cookie baking nation and now I have one for batter and one for icing! You have to be prepared. Those cookie tables don’t make themselves.
  7. I made it my mission to acquire a Starbucks gold card. Chris and I both love coffee. We own 1 Keurig, 1 Nespresso, 3 french presses, 1 Aeropress, and 1 Bialetti espresso maker.
  8. My favorite season is fall. Which is fitting because I’m obsessed with pumpkin. Pumpkin patches, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pumpkin candles, soaps, coffee get the idea.
  9. I studied abroad in Rome, Italy. Visited Barcelona, Paris, and various Italian cities. In September of 2014, Chris and I had our ‘honeymoon redo’ and went back to Venice, Rome, and Florence.
  10. Peonies are my favorite flower with dahlias a close second. We inherited two peony bushes with our house. Once they bloom, I fill every milk glass bud vase I own and cover the house in them.
  11. My first camera was my dad’s Minolta. I used only black and white film and learned to develop it in my high school's dark room class.
  12. I photograph life + relationships. That is my single favorite thing about photography; relationships inspire me.
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