Sophie | Lifestyle Newborn Session

The winter is ‘off season’ for us wedding photographers. However, I wear a few different photography hats and newborn sessions keep me busy on the cold, winter Saturdays. I so look forward to newborn sessions! It is a different pace than wedding day and really reminds me why I love photography so much. I am invited into someone’s home just days after bringing home their new baby. In the chaos of figuring out parenting and feeding schedules, in between the countless visitors and lack of sleep. There I am. Reminding you to breathe in the scent of your baby. Slow down for a moment because the rest of it will go WAY to fast. What an honor for me to be there with you. Truly.

Sophie was just as sweet as her older brother, Ben, during her session. Literally didn’t make one peep! Even with two playful older siblings who were not nearly as sleepy as she was. She was nailing her shots with out even knowing it and winning me over with every snap of the shutter. Meet Miss Sophie!

Jeannine BonadioComment