#tbt | Where We Began

It's September! It is one of my favorite months. The start of autumn. I love pumpkin flavored everything, the changing leaves, and the smell of the air. It is also the month that Chris and I got married. This year we are celebrating our five-year anniversary. So I thought I would do a #tbt in honor of our anniversary month. In 2003,  we went to our first homecoming dance together. I cut my hair short at the start of junior year. It was a memorable style to say the least. Somebody took notice, and well, the rest is history. :) We went to separate colleges (Penn State for me and Kent State in Ohio for Chris). It just worked out that way. But we never stopped dating. We visited when we had the chance and saw each other on holiday breaks. Everyone said we would break up and that no one goes to college as a couple and stays together. But we did.

In December of 2008, we got engaged at an overlook on Mt. Washington. Chris tricked me, I had no idea he was proposing, and was able to capture it on camera. I couldn't believe it was finally happening. I was going to marry my best friend. When I returned home the night we got engaged, my mom had wedding magazines spread across my bed. The date was set for September 18th, 2010 and the planning began.  {Engagement photo by Milla C Photography}