Word of 2015: Connection

While goal setting and dreaming of the awesomeness to come in 2015, I decided to define this coming year with one word. One word that encompasses my life and business goals. I thought back to this past year and what I felt I was missing or where I succeeded. The same word kept sticking out to me. CONNECTION. At times, the crazy, wonderful busy season here meant I lost connection with friends, family, my husband, my health or hobbies...but...it also brought new connections to clients turned friends and family. Time to reconnect on the trip of a lifetime with my love. Branding and marketing myself forced me to connect further with who I am and how I want people to get to know me. Funny that at 28, I am still learning who I am.

So this year, I want to connect all of those pieces that make up my life and my business, with a healthy, positive balance. Maybe that is why I was so drawn to my new logo. The triangles points all come together to connect.

In 2015, I am going to remember to take a deep breath, enjoy the today and now, not the tomorrow or yesterday because in the end what really matters is the connection.

What's your word?

Jeannine BonadioComment