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Baby Talk | Birth Story and 12 Week Update

Julia is 12 weeks old! Or 3 months (last Saturday). However you prefer to count baby time. I am a little late sharing but I like to think its because I am spending all of my time with her. The comparison photos are crazy! I can't believe how plump she is getting but I LOVE it! We struggled at first to get her to gain weight. Since I was trying to boost my supply in hopes of only breastfeeding, I bought a infant scale. If we were able to drop the formula then I wanted to make sure she wasn't losing weight. On the plus side, it means I can weigh her periodically in between doctors appointments. Our girl is almost 12lbs!! Practically doubling her birth weight and its such a relief to see those chubby cheeks.

Just 12 weeks ago we got the call from my OBGYN that they wanted to induce me even earlier than planned. After a routine doctors appointment they noticed my blood pressure was *slightly* higher than they would like. Since I had gestational diabetes during the last trimester, I was at a higher risk of developing pre-eclampsia. I was going in for tests twice a week at that point, just to monitor the baby's movement, since I was on medication for gestational diabetes. They noticed my blood pressure creeping up over a few appointments. Nothing serious, but they didn't want it to turn into pre-eclampsia overnight and then have a real issue. 

So Thursday night, July 13th, we checked in to Mercy Hospital to be induced. I was feeling every emotion possible! I had no expectations for delivery other than I would get the epidural when I was ready. I didn't read anything about birth. I get nauseous at medical stuff so I didn't want to make myself more anxious. I trusted the doctors would do what was best and that my body would get things moving. 

By the morning I was feeling contractions and was 3-4 cm dilated. I couldn't believe when the nurse told me I wasn't in active labor yet! What?! Those contractions are no joke and I had 7 more cm to go! I felt like such a wimp when she asked me how much pain I was in. I was already curling my toes in pain and trying to breathe through it. The epidural was a welcome relief and after some adjusting (since it was only on my left side for a bit) it was enough pain management to get a short nap. Although, how much can you really nap when you know you're about to deliver a baby!?!

By the evening, I was ready to push. The nurse looked at Chris and said "Ok, grab a knee". Um, excuse me? Where are the rest of the doctors? Shouldn't a whole team be in here helping? Nope. Just the nurse, Chris and me pushing this baby out. It was the HARDEST thing I have ever done in my life. At points I would doze off in-between contractions. I was so hungry from not eating for over 24hrs. I must have been all adrenaline because I was still pleasantly talking to the nurse at Chris at points and they encouraged me to keep pushing so we didn't need to use any interventions. Towards the end the doctor joined. I wanted to meet her so badly so we pushed a few more times and after 2.5hrs she arrived! It was the BIGGEST relief of my life. The pain was over, the gestational diabetes was over, and I made it through the hardest, scariest, most rewarding event of my life. 

Julia Grace was born on July 14th at 10:48pm at 6lbs 4oz.