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Jamie + Marcus | The Club at Nevillewood Wedding

My first wedding of the year sure was a pretty one! Jamie and Marcus were married at St John and Paul Parish and celebrated their reception at The Club at Nevillewood. It was a beautiful, sunny May day in Pittsburgh and the whole day was perfect from beginning to end. 

Jamie and Marcus met at Penn State (WE ARE!) but that wasn't the start of thier story. It took 9 months for them to reconnect after college before their story really began. Here's what they had to say about how they met...

September 2009 (Jamie's Perspective): It was our junior year in college, and I was going to a typical party at Penn State. A mutual friend introduced me to a few people, including Marcus. (Now let me tell you, from the beginning, I was immediately drawn to Marcus. I guess you could call it love at first sight?! He was so cute, tan, athletic, and who couldn't love that smile!) Unfortunately, Marcus was not a Penn State student but from Grove City College, over 2 hours away, and was dating someone at the time. He was clearly not interested and my dreams were crushed, or so I thought....

Fast forward to June 2010 (Marcus's Perspective): It was a typical day at the research lab I worked in at UPMC. I had been working there every summer and each day wasn't terribly different from the last... until one unforgettable day in June 2010. My friends and I were going back to the lab, when a girl steps onto the elevator in front of me. Naturally, I'm thinking "Hmm she's pretty cute!" As we're getting off (on the same floor, mind you) she stopped and asked if we had met before. At first, I had no idea who she was, but quickly remembered back to that party 9 months earlier. From that moment forward, I was hooked and the rest was history.

Marcus proposed with the help of Jamie's family at their annual Christmas Eve party (get a look at her beautiful ring!). And the wedding was just the beginning of their lives together. Congratulations to Jamie + Marcus!