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Erica + Josh | Settlers Cabin Park Engagement Session

Happy Friday! Erica and Josh are on the blog today! A woodsy engagement session at Settlers Cabin Park. If you have never been to this park you should check it out. It is just outside of Pittsburgh on the way to Robinson. It's huge and has lots of options for summer picnics and even a wave pool.

I met Erica through my brother-in-law, Tyler. The were in nursing school together when Josh proposed to Erica. I remember meeting them at Marty's Market (R.I.P my beloved coffee spot). During our conversation Josh stated he might be a groomzilla. He had helped with the planning so Erica could concentrate on finishing nursing school. I thought that was a hilarious term but totally sweet gesture on his part. It said a lot about Josh's character and love for his future bride. Erica is easy-going and has the brightest smile, especially when joking with Josh. She is so easy to chat with, it was like we were already friends. We continued to play '20 Questions' to get to know each other. It was such a nice change from the typical first meeting with a couple! I loved how easy they were to talk to, how fun they were together and I was so thrilled to be asked to photograph their September nuptials!