Baby Talk | Julia's Nursery

Hello! As you might have seen on social media, our baby girl arrived! Julia Grace Bonadio made her appearance on July 14th at 10:48pm. She was 6lbs 4oz of pure sweetness! What a whirl wind of life it has been this last week and a half since Julia arrived!

I had totally planned on blogging her nursery BEFORE her arrival but things got a little crazy and our induction was moved up a week. So, first lesson in life with kids, you cannot plan anything!  We finally wrapped up her room a few days after she was home. It was mostly little things that needed hung or touched up so nothing major. I'm glad it's done even if she isn't using her crib just yet!

I can't believe how different this room looks now has her nursery. Just a year ago we were turning it into the den. While we loved having an extra room to hang out in, baby girl needed her own space. In my last baby post, I shared a little bit of our inspiration for her nursery. We went with mid century furniture, monochromatic colors and soft decor to transform the den into baby girls nursery. Now that it is complete, we can finally share a peek!