Live The Moment


So picture this…

It’s going to be one of the best days you’ve ever experienced. Hands down! It will be the best party EVER with everyone you can’t live with out. There will be cake, champagne, lots of kisses from aunts you don’t know, dancing (probably inappropriate dancing), tears, laughter, cookies!, or maybe a cookie room depending on how Pittsburgh you are?! I love capturing every freakin second of it! And I know you don’t want to miss a moment. So don’t!

Live those moments and let me handle the rest. I’ll help you organize your timeline, pick the best locations for portraits, make sure your dress is fluffed and clue your groom in on what to do with his hands. Need a vendor suggestion? I am happy to share any resources I have within the industry to make the planning + your wedding day go as smooth as possible. Want a Starbucks while getting ready? Text me girl, I gotchu.

By the time the wedding rolls around, we’ve had meetings, texts and an engagement session. You’re ready for the big day and relaxed in front of my lens. And I am ready to capture your love story one moment at a time.

When the wedding is over, I think you should feel all of the love, anticipation, excitement and beauty that was your wedding day, every time you look at your photos. That crazy feeling of wedding unami. That’s how I feel when I look at mine.

If that sounds like the kind photographer you want for your day tap that button. Need more info head to the pricing page.