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Baby Talk | Nursery Inspiration + Third Trimester FAQ's

It's the start of the third trimester and a lot is happening/ has to happen before the end of this journey. As you might have read in my last baby post, we went on a 'babymoon' to Los Angeles! Once we were home real life was not kind. We had a sick pup and lots of doctors appointments and baby classes to schedule. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the 'to-do's' that seem never ending. Being that I get a sick sense of pleasure out of projects being completed on time, it will be difficult to not check everything off of the list before her arrival. This weekend is the start of tackling a few home projects before wedding season pre baby is in full swing.

Then, the next major task is to start the nursery! We are turning the den into the baby's room. Since we recently redid this room, see our DIY updates here, there isn't much to do except get the major pieces of furniture like the crib and changing table. We did get to order the crib (on sale!) so at least one major thing is done! Then we will switch out some decor and add some personal touches. We want her room to be neutral but still a little feminine. I love gold, copper, and rose gold so those metallics will make an appearance for sure! Take a look at our nursery inspiration board below!

Just a few Third Trimester FAQs...

How far along am I? 28 weeks, hello third trimester!

How have I been feeling? Starting to feel uncomfortable at points. Things like stiff wrists, restless legs and lower back pain. But I also haven't been able to get to yoga these last few weeks and that always helps.  Hopefully this last trimester doesn't totally kick my butt!

Did you pass your glucose test? That is a big fat, NO! I've got the baby betes. I had to do both tests - short and the long 3 hour test. My levels were slightly high for the fasting draw and after drinking the sugar juice. So unfortunately, I have gestational diabetes. You all know how I feel about blood and needles so these few weeks have been a bit trying for me. We met with the dietitian yesterday to teach us how to check my blood sugar and steps to take to hopefully keep in under control without insulin injections. There is a chance I may have to add that to my care for the next few months but let's hope it doesn't come to that! Anyone else have the betes while preggers?

What classes did you sign up for? We are going to do a baby basics and breastfeeding class at Magee. But I will actually be delivering at Mercy so we also scheduled our hospital tour there. I have heard really positive things about Mercy so I am excited to check out the hospital and hopefully feel calmer about labor and deliver.

Do you plan to get an epidural? As of right now, yes! I know, I know, I just said I hate needles but I think I hate pain more. So the only birthing plan I have is give me the juice.

What food/beverage to you miss the most? Currently, sushi and alcohol. That sounds bad as I type it but come on it's almost summer! Momma wants a margarita! And now that I am not supposed to have juices, I am missing pressed juices. 

Are you still shooting until your due date? You betcha! Well, at least until the beginning of July. But schedule early for any fall sessions! 

Hartwood Acres | Maternity Sesssion

I am loving maternity sessions lately. Show me the bump!! Perfect that one of my first session of 2016 was a maternity session. Casey and Andy are expecting their first baby in April! Hartwood Acres was the perfect backdrop for their session. Here are a few favorites of the gorgeous mamma-to-be and her hubby.