Hello world!

Today, December 2nd, marks the two-year anniversary of starting my professional photography business. I always felt nervous taking that leap, to follow my “arrow.” What if I failed? “What if” are two words that cross my mind way too often. So instead, I took a chance on myself and started thinking ‘Why not?”. The last two years of business have shown me how important relationships are. That is my single favorite thing about photography; relationships inspire me. When I see you with your newborn at six days old, your soon-to-be-wife sharing laughs, your daughters telling secrets, or your son in his Letterman jacket. I am humbled to be included in your everyday, yet oh-so-life-changing moments because of our relationship.

Thank you all who have trusted me with your memories, your time, and who have supported me along the way! Cheers, to many more years of getting to do what I love.


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